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We design and program websites and web systems, as well as take care of your identity and marketing strategies.


Remote digital agency

About us

Oksana was born with the objective of creating highly profitable products and in this way help the entrepreneur to face the technological changes and the way of seeing their clients, creating in this way management tools, marketing, advertising, and others.

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Our services

Web Sites and Systems

We develop customized websites and web systems according to the objectives.

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Graphic Design

Design in general for any project, websites, logos, digital parts and for printing.

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Mobile apps

We develop mobile applications for all platforms to make your project a success.

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Digital marketing

We carry out your project in social networks and search engines combining strategy and marketing.

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Project Advice

We listen to your idea and formulate value proposals accompanied by constant

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Web maintenance

We scale your system or website by adding new features and maintaining your infrastructure.

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Frequent questions

A remote company is one that carries out all its activities, including the relationship with its customers through the Internet without the need for physical appearance before its customers,    like big companies like Netflix, Spotify, Google among others.

Oksana has all the tools to carry out a relationship with the client in this way, since all its digital products.

In this way we can cover basic and complex needs such as:

  • Advice and support via conferences (WhatsApp, Skype, Hangout, Zoom, etc.)

  • Sending budgets and written proposals (Email)

  • Sending invoices or tax notes (Email)

  • Receipt of requests for modifications (Whatsapp and email)

  • Sending finished products (Email)

  • Advances in web products (Email and testing URL)

  • Receipt of payments (Bank Transfer, Paypal, Mercado Pago, Bank Deposit, etc)

  • Daily and immediate support (Whatsapp)

Our employees are distributed throughout the world and coordinated in the best way to meet the requirements of our customers residing in any country.

The work process is very simple:

  • First of all, an assessment is carried out without charge to the client in order to assess their situation and respond with a value proposition and a detailed budget.

  • If the client accepts our proposal we request an advance payment to ensure the start of work, in response to this we issue a tax invoice to accentuate the movement.

  • We begin the work on the requested product, showing periodic progress to our customers for reviews until the work is finished.

  • Once the project is finished, the rest of the payment is requested and all the digital material that makes up the product in question is delivered.

More than 200 clients worldwide endorse and trust our remote procedures every day, generating a long-term business relationship and relying on our digital advice for their companies.

Services and product development can be paid by:

  • Deposit or bank transfer in local banks where the client resides.

  • Digital payment methods such as Mercado Pago, Paypal, Payoneer, etc.

  • In some countries it can be paid in cash through the company`s residents.

In any case, the best option for our client will be evaluated according to the amount of the budget and its residence.

Oksana has multiple contact channels, the fastest and fastest way is whatsapp, you have a link here.

The other means of contact can be sending queries through our form here or sending mail to

Our response time is immediate for most contact channels.


You can contact us through the following means of contact, the response is immediate.

+54 351 3320277

+55 21 99918-2815

+1 (484) 424-2939

+34 608 87 25 11